Grade 1 and Counting…

With age progressing at the rate it is, I find it really hard to remember people and events. It has happened so many times that I am not able to correlate faces and names. There is a chemical flaw in me that causes this. I try and justify it so. But yeah, my memories are … Continue reading Grade 1 and Counting…


Heart , Mind and Soul

Behind the calm demeanor was an ocean storm waving its dark tails at the poor helpless soul of a trapped person. The emotional entrapment isn't visible to many, but it is an entrapment none the less. She felt it every waking moment in her bones and every shut eye in her nightmares. Her psyche began … Continue reading Heart , Mind and Soul

7 – Grief

Read Previous Parts 1-Forgive , 2 - Miracle, 3 -Serenity, 4 -Nurture, 5 -Influence, 6-Trust Not everything in life can be planned and predicted. Ruchi’s life had never been planned. She left home to get married to the love of her life soon after they left college. Atul and Ruchi had worked really hard to … Continue reading 7 – Grief