Heart , Mind and Soul

Behind the calm demeanor was an ocean storm waving its dark tails at the poor helpless soul of a trapped person. The emotional entrapment isn’t visible to many, but it is an entrapment none the less. She felt it every waking moment in her bones and every shut eye in her nightmares. Her psyche began to play tricks on her. She was in the middle of an ambush. Attacking her were her own family members. The ones she was born from , the ones she grew up with, the ones she married into, the ones she created and nurtured for and the ones she chose to call hers. She was surrounded by all the demons in these humans, yet , the demon in her refuses to surface. It stays within making it difficult for her to breathe. It’s times like these that makes her wonder, is it really necessary to breathe?

What will happen if she doesn’t wake up tomorrow morning? Will the world end? Will all her family members stop living? Will there be more than a month of grieving? Will there be any changes in anyone? No. It will make absolutely no difference whatsoever to anybody after a few months! Will her inner demons die? Will there be an end to her entrapment? Will there be peace and calm finally in the storm of her life? Yes.

But the emotional entrapment raises its tentacles again. What memories do you want to leave for your loved ones? The ones that make them miss you or the ones that make them cringe with embarassment. It is a catch 22 situation. You can’t live with the demons inside you and you can’t leave for the demons around you. That is the deepest and darkest kind of entrapment there is.

How does she escape from all of this? Her demons are ready to come out anytime. She refuses to give in. She pushes it all back inside her to suffer until her life ends itself. Or does she let the demons out and learn to breathe without guilt of unleashing them. Even if its only karma thats working through her? You would think the choice is hers. But it really isn’t. Her heart will never let the demons take over and her mind will never let her be in peace. Her trapped soul wanders all over the world in search of a companion.

She finds one. She shares all her darkest secrets, and all her fears and failures. She pours her heart out through her soul. The mind tries to resist this tranfer of power, but the heart aides the soul. Now she has a soul mate. She finally finds a bit of solace. She learns to smile.

Smiles don’t last very long do they? Every soul has a mind and a heart attached to it. There exists a demon too. Its too late when she realizes that the soul was just a demon in disguise. Yet another one added to her ambush. Now she is completeley weakend. Her soul is left lifeless with a bleeding heart and a tortured mind . She never knew how much deeper the entrapment could be led to.

There is no escape for her. Her fate awaits her approval. She lives on with a smile on her face. The one that successfully covers the deafening storm inside of her. A smile does that, doesn’t it?

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