7 – Grief

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1-Forgive , 2 – Miracle, 3 -Serenity, 4 -Nurture, 5 -Influence, 6-Trust

Not everything in life can be planned and predicted. Ruchi’s life had never been planned. She left home to get married to the love of her life soon after they left college. Atul and Ruchi had worked really hard to get to this stage in their lives without much support from either parents. Not that the parents didn’t finally accept their relationship, but they wanted to make it on their own.

She was grateful for her life. She never let herself to be seen as a failure in anyway in front of anyone. Slowly and with clear ambition the couple had achieved success this far. It had always been a joint effort. But yet sometimes there was this feeling in Ruchi that she has made a lot more compromises in life in comparison to her husband. She rarely went on official tours because she didn’t want to leave the girls under anyone’s care for such long periods of time.

Atul’s business took up a lot of his time. His work tours lasted for weeks together at times. She realised early in her career itself that she was never going to be able to get those much wanted promotions at work due to her own self restrictions. She thought she was happy with the situation. Maybe she was happy before. Until her boss came in and ruined the calm waters. That job would have been Ruchi’s if she had applied for it. She was qualified and had the required experience for it.

Atul was right though. Does it really become a failure if she resigned this current job and tried something else? Who was it that she is trying to prove something to? There is no one with a check list waiting at the end of life. There are no set of rules or accomplishments that are the criteria for success. Being happy and content in what we do is what matters in the end. If something has outlived its purpose in our life and is causing more harm than help, it is a wise choice to make some changes.

Atul’s long absences had made way to Ruchi going into a shell by herself. She was not a very socialising person to begin with. Her entire life was her family and in her small yet lovely home. She kept in all her feelings and emotions to cater to the problems, emotions and feelings of her husband and her two daughters.

Once the volcano had finally erupted, she felt like a brand new person. She first brought back Maniamma into their home. Next, she applied for openings in other departments of her company. She looked for outside opportunities too.

The twins were old enough to manage a few nights without their mother. She slowly started to remove her own self created restrictions one by one…

What happens in Ruchi’s life from then on is immaterial. She had overcome the first grief period of her life. Once you learn to overcome one , the rest are just simple hurdles in a race. But this time she was not in a race with anyone for anything. She was living her life on her own terms.

Life happens, in the end all that matters is how happy we have been while living it. Everyone comes to this realization at different times in their lives. Who knows, that turning point in our life could be disguised as our greatest grief. After all, everything in life happens for a reason.

****THE END***

‘I’m Writing Bravely for the Write Tribe Festival of Words – March 2019’


15 thoughts on “7 – Grief

  1. Anagha Yatin says:

    Coming to terms with life and setting our own ways to enjoy the journey is process in itself. Wonderful closure to the engaging story, Jyothi. Many congratulations to you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. madhavi says:

    Wonderful story! Ruchi is quite a strong woman! Your story telling method using the prompts is just awesome. Using the final prompt ‘grief’ – that it made Ruchi more mature and optimistic is a perfect ending to te story.

    Liked by 1 person

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