6 – Trust

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1-Forgive , 2 – Miracle, 3 -Serenity, 4 -Nurture, 5 -Influence, 6- Trust , 7- Grief

Trust is not the easiest thing to develop. Or is it that trust is the most difficult thing to maintain. Ruchi wasn’t in the habit of trusting people that easily. She took time to get to know people before she even considered talking to them. Confiding, thus , never came easily to Ruchi. The issue at work was not an easy one to tackle. But she knew she had to solve it herself if she wanted to continue working and continue having her sanity intact.

She confronted her boss at work a few days later. It didn’t go well. Her willingness to give her boss a chance to explain why Ruchi was being targeted backfired. It was taken as a weakness on her behalf to even consider herself a victim. The boss was a witch in disguise as a successful woman. Of this Ruchi was sure now.

She also realized that there in no point in complaining against her boss, her boss was a good manipulator. Having had the toughest day at work, she was ready to give up that day. She made a stop on her way home that day. An evening by the lakeside, all by herself, just to clear her mind. She didn’t want to go home and be looked upon like a failure or a victim.

At home, Atul began to worry when Ruchi’s phone was switched off and she hadn’t come home yet. Maniamma was getting ready to leave, when she noticed Atul in a state of worry. Maniamma began to worry too. Ruchi’s health was a bit of concern the past few weeks and now that she knew what the reason was, she debated whether she should tell Atul about it.

Ruchi woke up with a terrible headache the next morning. Atul was at her bedside with a cup of tea in hand. She was barely able to sit up to take the cup of tea from Atul. He asked her to take the day off from work and rest. He had taken the day off too. Just then Maniamma entered with a tray of breakfast.

Suddenly it all came back to her. How she had barely managed to reach home yesterday. She doesn’t remember much else since then. Just that Maniamma was still there at home and her husband was asking her questions about her boss. Maniamma had broken her trust and spoken to Atul about her problems at work.

Maniamma was stunned at the way Ruchi asked her to leave the house. She said she wasn’t required anymore and that she should never come back.

After that outburst, Ruchi took a couple of painkillers and went back to sleep. When she woke up it was almost evening. She was glad that she had woken up before the kids arrived. She didn’t want to worry them also. She got up and freshened up. When she entered the sitting room, she noticed Atul on the sofa reading a book. She knew that he deserved an explanation.

The first thing Atul asked her was why she didn’t trust him enough to confide in him. She didn’t have an answer. Or did she?

To be continued…

‘I’m Writing Bravely for the Write Tribe Festival of Words – March 2019’


14 thoughts on “6 – Trust

  1. Anagha Yatin says:

    Ruchi is facing the fractured self worth syndrome and her ire spilled over Maniamma for no fault of hers. Sometimes the situations that make the person behave with immaturity.
    This twist left me little sad. But I am sure the last episode will have a happy ending.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. madhavi says:

    Like the other readers of the tribe, I too feel Maniamma spoke about Ruchi’s professional predicament to Atul with a good intention. But if Atul had reacted differently, Maniamma would have been responsible for making things worse. I agree that Maniamma broke Ruchi’s trust…but perhaps she deserved another opportunity.

    Liked by 1 person

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