1 – Forgive

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1-Forgive , 2 – Miracle, 3 -Serenity, 4 -Nurture, 5 -Influence, 6- Trust , 7- Grief

It wasn’t a happy morning for Ruchi. First , she woke up complaining of a headache. Then, the morning breakfast conundrum didn’t help ease the pain. It had been a rough few days and all the extra work was taking its toll on her. The drive to work ended up being a long one too because of the Bangalore traffic.

Now she sat in front of her screen , blank as can be. She was exhausted and it was only 10 am. She has just managed to go roughly through her inbox and had marked the important mails that need to be looked into just as soon as she gets her bearings back. These were the first few moments of “me” time she got today. She got up and fetched herself a cup of coffee from the Pantry.

Her mind refused to relax though. All through the process of walking up to the pantry, fixing herself a cup of coffee and getting back to her desk, she was thinking of all the work that was pilling up at home. She shuddered at the thought of the unwashed dishes in the sink, the big pile of laundry and the grocery list that she needed to make as soon as she reached her desk. She didn’t want to forget about the groceries again. That was what had led to the morning breakfast conundrum!

After she had made the list and set a reminder for her grocery shopping, she got back to her work. She updated excel sheets, spoke to co workers, replied to emails and did some damage control before her stomach began to growl. She realized that she had skipped breakfast and this hadn’t helped the nagging headache that refused to go away. She wrapped up her current task and decided to grab some lunch.

At the cafeteria, she calls up her husband to remind him that he needs to be home on time to receive the kids when they get back home from school. Atul was a good husband and father, but his tardiness has always been a major concern for Ruchi. She relaxed a bit post lunch and popped in a painkiller before she resumed her work.

When she got back home that day, her headache was still lingering. But she had managed to get the groceries. She set out to wash the dishes in the sink, which now had multiplied after the noodles snack that Atul had managed to make and feed the kids. Maya and Meera, her lovely twin angels were busy fighting over something when Ruchi came in and asked them to freshen up for the evening prayers. This was a ritual they followed every evening when they were at home. They would light a lamp in front of God’s idol and say a few mantras to ease in the night. It gave a peaceful few minutes to all of them amidst their busy everyday schedule.

It was when Atul and Ruchi were clearing up the dinner dishes that She finally decided that it was time. It was time she gave forgiveness a chance. The incident was not an uncommon one and I am sure Maniamma would be calming down now too. Its crazy to be upset about something like this. She needed to be the bigger person. She needed to forgive and forget. This was a necessity for both parties concerned. Ruchi needed the household help and Maniamma needed the financial help. It was a symbiotic relationship after all!

To be continued…

‘I’m Writing Bravely for the Write Tribe Festival of Words – March 2019’

25 thoughts on “1 – Forgive

  1. Esha M Dutta says:

    Curious to see how the story moves to the next part! Yes, we all need a bit of compromise and as they say in Bengaluru lingo—”swalpa adjust maadi”! I hope things improve and she gets less reasons to stress over in the following days! Nice take on the prompt.

    Liked by 1 person

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