Speaking of health

It has been winter here since November last year. At least that’s what it is supposed to be. Having temperatures in the 25 Celsius range itself is a boon in this place. There are countless activities that take place here during the winter months. All lovely, entertaining and expensive.

One such activity is the climate change caused health problems. Being of a certain age and that too of a certain gender has already blessed me with a lot to handle in this first month of the year. Just as that settled down, my sciatica took over. Closely followed by sore throat and headaches. Looks like a flu is on it’s way.

Did I say that HEALTH was my #WOTY just a couple of days ago? Well, looks like the message was misunderstood! I don’t want health challenges in 2019, I want relief from them! The universe has a bad sense of humour!

Although Musings are fine and good and I am pretty good at jotting down things that happen to me, just don’t get used to it. I am to take only positive things into account here on this blog. So writing down personal musings would be quite difficult as you can see!

I am at war with negativity and bad health this year. I refuse to give in! The heavy head and the sore throat are trying to get me down. But I will not go down without a fight. So a #MondayMusings post it is today…

#MondayMusings @ Everyday Gyaan

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