Word of the Year – Health

Being positive is the key to happiness. We ourselves are responsible for our happiness. I have a whole lot of such saying and quotes saved in my photo gallery from last year. The amount of memory space I cleared on my phone this month just by deleting such inspirational photos has let me downgrade my iCloud space. Now that is saying something about my state of mind last year. I was living on borrowed happiness and sanity. They helped me through the year though.

The year, as always, began with a lot of promises. Promises should never be made. Someone intelligent once imparted this knowledge to me. Running away from making promises makes it a lot easier to not be committing to someone or something. Being committed to something is an issue I have been dealing with in the year that has gone by.

Although none of the things I committed to doing in January 2018 have been accomplished yet, I did manage to accomplish a lot of other things that were never in the picture for the year. I travelled more than I have in all my life! By travel I mean via airports, customs and all the rigmarole of air travel. Not the grand vacation planning with a memory card full of postcard like photos. But the ones where a lot of self discovery and self improvements happened. Yes, I do have an Instagram feed of a few photos too, but the DSLR was fast asleep in the corner of the wardrobe at home. The smart phones were constant companions while I travelled across continents and seas. I guess the photographer in me didn’t want to give up!

My thoughts just didn’t settle down long enough to be able to be put into words. Pictures say more than a thousand words can, right? Hiding behind them had been the theme of 2018. This obviously had to change. But still, I am wary of making any commitments yet. This is an attempt to get back to something that I love more than anything else in the world. Reading books and attempting to write fiction.

Life needs to be lived forward with complete health and happiness. Happiness comes from within. Happiness comes from being healthy. Both physically and mentally. So the plan for the year is to plan a healthy lifestyle to improve both. The beginning so far has been promising. Journals have been created for diet and exercise, for recommended reading for the year and one for a list of topics for new blog posts. I am well on my way to rediscovering the avid reader and the writer in me. Everything else that follows would be a bonus. Since HEALTH has been the major roadblock in my life last year, this year it has been promoted to being my word of the year.

I am also participating in the Write Tribe Reading Challenge. And my list is here.

Do you have a WOTY yet? Do share it…


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