Knocked Down

There in the midst of a line of parked cars, sat a tiny little kitten watching the games of a playful group of girls in the lobby of the building in front. It most likely thinks that the smaller version of the human species are more prone to helping a hapless and hungry kitten than most others. It sat there longing to be seen and to be tended to.

The tallest of the species in the group sees the kitten and comes swirling towards it. The girl bobs her head sideways in both directions as she notices the big pleading eyes of the kitten.

“I think she wanted to make sure I was alone before she smiled. My species have been known to be scary too. But I am hoping my tiny size and big large eyes would win her over.”

And it did just that.

“Hey little one, what you doing here? Are you cold? Are you hungry?”

“Who are you talking to Emily?”, said the girl’s friend. She was wobbling on a weird set of limbs. The kitten was new to this kind of feet. It had rollers on and this gave the girls more speed than normal. This was what had drawn it to this particular group of girls. I mean, who doesn’t want to learn something new. The girls seemed more playful when mounting on such feet, the kitten must have noticed that too.

The evening was indeed a cold one. And cool evenings are not a norm in this part of the world. The girls were obviously taking full advantage of the weather. They breezed through the corridors in groups like roller blading pros.

I was very impressed with this too. It reminded me of how my kids would go down to play in the evenings with their friends. Maybe I should have given them roller blades. They would have really enjoyed it. But is it really all that safe? I wouldn’t want my children to fall down and get hurt! Is it safe to go parading down the corridor in front of the many on lookers. In this time and age, safety is the first priority. Roller blades give them the speed to run away during a crisis. But does it give them a holding ground if they were picked up or kidnapped?

The girl had called in reinforcements. But none of them had a pack of biscuits or a bowl of milk for the kitten. They were admiring and taking pictures while giggling all the time. They were surely amazed by the sight. I am guessing none of them have pets at home. It figures, this was a pet free area. The stray cat was indeed a welcome sight. And a cute kitten would definitely be welcome.

An elderly woman walks towards the line of parked cars. She seems to be having something in her hands. She bends towards the kitten and places a bowl of milk in front of it. The girls cheered when they saw the cute one slurp away the milk. More pictures and selfies were taken. The old woman smiled at both of these pleasing sights. I am sure nostalgia might have taken over her thoughts. A long life with kids and grandkids. Of pets and strays. Of good things and bad things. A wiser specimen of our species. It is strange that the youngest and the oldest of the species seem to have enjoyed that experience of a tiny kitten who strayed into a living complex and settled in between the parked cars.

And here I am, in the prime of my life, the ripe of my species, just watching a lovely moment go by. Sitting in a car , waiting for my better half to join me, to go out for a weekend dinner. Totally in fear for the excited girls, the elderly women and the meekly kitten. The fate of all of them could change any minute into something nasty. Or it wouldn’t. The anxiety for the future, the regrets of the past , all clouding the present. No memories get made this way. Only brunches, dinners and parties happen. One very similar to the next. Nothing to identify the preciousness of life. Moments missed , moments regretted, moments not lived…


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